2024 Fastener Fair VIETNAM

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2024 Fastener Fair VIETNAM


Exhibition Name: 2024 Fastener Fair Vietnam

Exhibition Dates: August 7 to August 9, 2024

Location: Hanoi International Convention Center (Hanoi Friendship Cultural Palace), located at 91, Chen Xing Road, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Industry: Hardware, home goods, and related products.


Exhibitor Overview: Exhibitors are categorized by industry, including:

Automated handling systems

Barcode systems

Consulting and training

Conveyors and cranes

Feeding machines


Internet solutions

IT hardware

IT services

Logistics equipment

Logistics software

Manufacturing software

Material handling equipment

Safety equipment

Testing and inspection equipment

Workstation equipment


Audience Overview: The audience is categorized by job function, covering a range of fields such as:

Construction industry

Automotive industry

Aerospace industry

Shipbuilding industry

Electronics and electrical products

General engineering (light and heavy)

HVAC/air conditioning/services

Energy and power generation

Communication technology

Metal products

Furniture manufacturing

Sanitary ware and plumbing installation


Market Summary: The Fastener Fair Vietnam exhibition offers insights into the trends and key information of the fastener and fixing industry and is the international flagship event of the series in Vietnam.


Additionally, during the exhibition period, the Vietnam Manufacturing Expo (VME) and the Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Expo (Vimat) will also be held, providing exhibitors and visitors with broader business networking and technical exchange opportunities.