The model and use method of the integrated nail for the ceiling

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Plastic shell integrated nail

The ceiling integrated nail is a kind of nail used in the ceiling. In fact, there are many models of integrated nails, and the integrated nails for suspended ceilings are only some of them. Why is it called a ceiling integrated nail, because it was first used in the construction of the ceiling in the early days, so it was often called the ceiling integrated nail later, for example, the commonly used models of the ceiling integrated nail are M10, M8, M6. Today, we will take a detailed inventory of what models and corresponding use scenarios are available for all-in-one nails.

Nail guns

Starting from 2021, under the reference of the ceiling artifact, major manufacturers have successively launched mini nail guns. The nails used are also one-piece nails. The specific difference is the size of the caliber. The large nail gun has a one-piece nail caliber of 8.5 mm, and the mini nail gun has a diameter of 7.3 mm.


Let's start with the one-piece nail for the big gun.


For example, the length of steel nails for one-piece nails is 32mm, 42mm, and 47mm. In general, we use the specific length of this steel nail to distinguish the model of the fire integrated nail.


The total length with cartridge cases is about 50mm, 60mm, 65mm. (This data is for reference only and does not participate in model classification)


The diameter of the steel nail is about 3.7mm, while the 47mm threaded nail is slightly thinner.


Cartridge case diameter: 8.5mm. It is suitable for ceiling artifacts with a diameter of 8.5mm.


A separate one-piece nail can also be used, but the shot is more powerful. The function is simple, and the effect after fixing is the same as that of ordinary cement nails.


Ceiling integrated nail: It is a special nail body in the integrated ceiling, usually using 32mm integrated nail, with a threaded hole in the middle of the matching gasket. The aperture diameters are M6, M8 and M10, respectively. Docking M6, M8 and M10 screws respectively. Thus forming the connection function of the ceiling.


Pipe clamp integrated nail: as the name suggests, it is used to fix pipes. The 32mm one-piece nail is used, and the matching pipe clamp iron plate has a semicircular arc. The diameters are 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, and 32mm, and these dimensions correspond to the outer diameter of the pipe.


Fire-fighting integrated nails: the nails used are 32mm and 42mm, and the matching gaskets are round and square. The specific function is the role of installation and fixing. For example, 32mm fire-fighting integrated nails can be used to fix angle irons, brackets, etc. Most of the 42mm fire-fighting integrated nails are used to fix wooden keels with a thickness of less than 2cm.


Wooden keel nail: used to fix the wooden keel. Among them are 47mm long wooden keel nails and L wood keel nails. The specific usage of the 47mm wooden keel nail is to directly penetrate the wood square and fix it to the substrate, and the usage is the same as the fire-fighting integrated nail. It is generally used for wooden keels with a thickness of 2-3cm. The L wood keel nails are 32 mm long and are fitted with an L-shaped piece of iron. There are 7 holes in the iron sheet, and the wooden square is fixed to the L-shaped iron sheet with self-tapping screws. The ceiling nail gun is then used to drive the nails into the roof. The other wooden cubes can then be attached to this main keel with an air nail gun.